Modular Marine Hull Rail Design

This is a new methodology for boat building. Using First Principles (function over form), the objective of this strategy is to build a vessel like no other. The goal is a lightweight, strong, efficient vessel which can be propelled mainly by solar PV energy. Instead of building on legacy technology this method of building boats is based by using efficient hydrodynamic hulls, and building above the water.

First Principles for Marine Design

First Principles is the concept of embracing function over form, and instead of imitating current design, start with a clean slate and base new innovation on function. Focus on basic elements to cast unique solutions.

Electric Ship Takes Shape

The electric ship project has been a few years in the making. The basic vessel design has morphed over the past few years and is now becoming a more stable design and mission. Updated on November 25, 2020. Multihull: The design started as a proa or a catamaran, but with additional hydrodynamic studies and build […]

MS Burgenstock Hybrid Electric Catamaran Lake Lucerne

The MS Burgenstock has been in operation daily (aside from resort closure during the pandemic of 2020) since May 2018 between Lucerne and Kehrsiten as a hourly shuttle for Burgenstock resort patrons and guests. It is a catamaran design with a hull length of 38 meters (125 feet) and a width of 10.30 meters (34 […]

Solar Generator – Ground Power Unit

Cruising Review in cooperation with ElectricShip and Infinity Turbine are now developing a Ground Power Unit to supply mobile lithium based battery power which can power your RV, Marine, or home based operation. Charge your Tesla.

Product Buy Links – Solar Energy

These are products and services we use on a daily basis, for both small business and travel. They have been tested over the years, and are a valuable asset to deploy while traveling.

Solar Panel Selector

Solar Panel Selector for Solar Electric Ship AirBNB: This solution was designed to help select solar panels, including discounted buy links.