Development of a solar powered Electric Ship

E Foil Electric Foiling SuperYacht Tender and Sport Boat

Now looking into developing a electric foiling tender (RIB type or sport boat). Any interest ?

Power to get up on foil around 40-50 kW (for only a minute) and then once up on foil around 18-22 kW.

Boat would be stylist with a hammerhead type bow for easy walk-on, walk-off entry.

Hulls would be carbon fiber catamaran type format made with new carbon fiber bubblepack weav-loom design that we have developed for continuous forming to reduce costs.

We have two new novel ideas for the foils, including spinning discs and a rotating foil, which works in air.

Propulsion would be a vertically mounted electric motor direct drive shaft to a Tesla disc waterjet pump.

Typical Candela sportboat is about 290k Euro with a long wait time, while this would be a 12 month or shorter order-to-ship time with a target price around $150,000 USD.

Please email below if you have any interest in us developing this type of watercraft.

Typical E Foiling Boat Video

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Candela E Foiling Boat Reference

Foiling Review

Swiss Paddlewheel

Lucerne and Beckenreid on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. For More Info…


HDPE high density polyethylene thermoplastic used for boat building and has become a new trend. Known for its high strength-to-density ratio, the density of HDPE can range from 930 to 970 kg m3. Being lighter than water has an enormous advantage in the marine field. The HDPE is resistant to many solvents making it a perfect choice for the boat building industry. For More Info…

HDPE Boat Publications

The ORC Cycle is Reversible in Heat Pump Applications

Heat Pump ORC

Infinity has build more than one hundred phase change systems including CO2, R245fa, and other refrigerants.

The ORC process is reversible, in fact one of the first chiller conversions to ORC was exactly that under the name of PureCycle.

The wide array of phase-change dynamics allow us to use this closed-loop process to produce power, apply process intensification, material extraction (botanical, precious metal, recycling batteries), Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP), HVAC, cooling, and more.

The unique characteristics of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) make it one of our favorites, since it goes supercritical at such a low temperature, which can take advantage of solar thermal, geothermal, and computer CPU low grade heat (cloud and Bitcoin).

Heat Pump ORC

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Reversible Heat Pump–Organic Rankine Cycle Systems for the Storage of Renewable Electricity

Can a Heat Pump propulsion system extend battery range by 50 percent or more ?

We have been working on a new type of closed-loop CO2 heat pump system which may extend the range of batteries.

This would apply to electric cars, electric trucks, industrial contruction equipment, and battery powered aircraft (drones, RC, and passenger aircraft).

The concept of the heat pump is to amplify and use heat from both electricity and the environment. An efficient heat pump can have a COP (coefficient of performance) of 2 or more. That means for every 1 kW of electrical input, you get 2 kW of thermal output (cooling or heating). For a typical heat resistor at 100 percent efficiency, you would get a COP of 1.

The concept is to use a high energy dense working fluid like CO2 and leverage the lower boiling temperature (where it goes supercritical around 31.1C or 87.9 F) into a increased pressurized vapor.

There are a wide range of energy possibilities, including using the skin of the vehicle for collecting or dissipating thermal energy. Of particular interest is aviation applications where the upper atmosphere is always a big cold sink (condenser).

In the construction industry, this could easily be applied to vehicles with hydrostatic (hydraulic) drives for stationary (conveyers) or mobile (earth moving equipment) applications.

Currently looking for investors to develop this concept more, so we can approach Tesla and other large battery powered (range anxiety) applications.

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Reversible Heat Pump–Organic Rankine Cycle Systems for the Storage of Renewable Electricity (pdf)

Understanding COP: Coefficient Of Performance Of Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps the Next Big Thing in Electric Vehicles

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The electric ship project has been a few years in the making. The basic vessel design has morphed over the past few years and is now becoming a more stable design and mission.

The Electricship website originally started off as a project to develop a comprehensive renewable, affordable, modular electric ship. In my travels, I have met many inspiring people, who encouraged my passion for inventing, and thus led to my developing alternative energy systems and concepts.

I’m a fan of Nikola Tesla, and a innovator in the world of alternative energy, CO2 mitigation, travel reviews (for fun), a commercial pilot, a sailor, and an expert in Filemaker database development. My motto is never stop exploring, and always keep learning. The journey is the destination.

I am developing and designing a eco-electric-ship (multihull) which is fully sustainable for tourism, travel, or small commercial freight/trade, to travel the globe. The modular platform will be able to host a range of missions. Based on the book and community Gaviotas: A Village to Reinvent the World, I hope to evangelize solar technologies, and sustainable tourism, with zero environmental impact (actually will enhance the environment) around the world.

MS Burgenstock hybrid catamaran Lake Lucerne Switzerland

Electric Ship Website Launch

Electric Ship is a project to redefine shipping by using a modular build concept, with multiple missions, using renewable energy.

The initial goals are to find an investor to build the first prototypes.

The business model is a solar powered electric powered multihull yacht for Swiss and Italian lakes, which have a dual purpose of AirBNB. A minimal crew will operate the yachts, starting at Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) in Switzerland which offers more than 40 km of Swiss and French culture, including the Swiss Riviera. Updated: Unfortunately, Swiss maritime law does not allow overnight sleeping on a vessel.


Various topics for the Electric Ship including:


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CO2 + H2O + DC Electricity + Nafion = Plastics and Fuel Gas to Liquids Developers and Experimenters System Cart... More Info

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