Marine Interior Design

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Interior Color Choices

Wall colors based on First Principles.

Have you ever noticed how awful legacy boat interior design is? That’s because most were dark, which requires huge amounts of light. And unless you have upgraded to newer LED or other efficient lighting, you get the added heat from that light (think Halogens), and then the balancing act of larger HVAC systems (air conditioning) to counteract the heat from the lights.

Aside from beautiful lighter veneer and natural surfaces, I recommend you paint or finish (fiberglass or carbon fiber composites) in white.

With the lower energy LEDs available for all marine applications, it makes sense to have a client controlled lighting system which does not produce large amounts of heat. Client controlled lighting also allows for mood settings for any time of day (bright during the morning and darker at night) in both color and intensity.

This also applies to our cart system. Instead of legacy permanently installed light figures, have carts with their own lighting system (up-lighting, task lighting, down floor or courtesy lighting, and cabinet lighting). This not only reduces construction costs, but gives you a huge range of options for a LED light system which can be controlled remotely (via iPad, ship control system, or even your iPhone.

Inside cabinets should always be white. That way you don't necessarily need lighting, since ambient light may be enough.

Summary: Have one color. White. Let LED set color, intensity, and mood.

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