Tool Cart

Tool cart front

Tool Cart

The purpose of the tool cart is to have a readily accessible hand cart which holds and organizes cordless tools, drills, and bits. It's amazing how much easier it is to build projects with a modular cart of tools.

Try to select a battery powered tool system that uses the same batteries.

Tool cart back

Tool Cart Back

This is the back of the tool cart. It has a slip-on plywood attach hard point for the cordless drills and bits. It also stores clamps.

Bit and driver strategy

Standardized Tool Driver and Bits

Instead of having loads of different screwdrivers, which take up lots of space, consider having a few drivers with multiple bits. Much easier to organize, carry around, and easier to build projects.

Driver and bit

Driver head and bit

Standard bit driver with Phillips head bit

Driver and bit

Storing bits is more efficient than full sized tools


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