MS Burgenstock Hybrid Electric Catamaran Lake Lucerne

MS Burgenstock Design

MS Burgenstock Design

The stunning modern design has a bridgedeck clearance of only a few feet, which is acceptable for Swiss lake use (low wave height). The sleek design commands attention and efficiency at the same time. The operation is virtually silent. The large glass windows allow panoramic 360 degree views of the Swiss countryside and Mt. Pilatus which towers 6,982 ft in elevation to the west.

Shiptec AG


The vessel belongs to SGV (Lake Lucerne Navigation Company) Schifffahrtsgesellschaft des Vierwaldstättersees AG. The hybrid drive is from Aventics (headquarters in Laatzen) using a WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750. The drive can propel the vessel up to 35 km/hr (21.75 mph or 19 knots). The enroute time point to point is about 23 minutes. The diesel kicks in for part of the route outside of the harbor areas. The battery supplied electric drive is used about 50 percent of time enroute.

The propulsion system is a Siship Ecoprop propulsion system from Siemens.


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Siemens Electric Propulsion Solutions:

Siship Propulsion:

Siemens Electric Propulsion Solutions

ShipTec AG


Siship Propulsion (pdf)

Burgenstock Resort

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Burgenstock Resort Review (YouTube link)

MS Burgenstock Hybrid Electric Catamaran

MS Burgenstock Hybrid Electric Catamaran

The MS Burgenstock has been in operation daily (aside from resort closure during the pandemic of 2020) since May 2018 between Lucerne and Kehrsiten as a hourly shuttle for Burgenstock resort patrons and guests. It is a catamaran design with a hull length of 38 meters (125 feet) and a width of 10.30 meters (34 feet). It has a crew of two who can easily manage docking amidships. Built by Shiptec AG in Lucerne, the hybrid multihull has (2) 552 kW Scania diesel engines and (2) 180 kW (Type B 3200 RPM continuous motor/generator 180 kg) Siemens synchronous electric motors. Vessel weight is 110.92 tons (221,840 pounds). The passenger service has 26 first class inside seats, 15 first class outside seats, 93 second class inside seats, and 84 second class seats on the second deck, for a total of 218. The rated capacity is 300 passengers.

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