The Electricship website (https://electricship.com) originally started off as a project to develop a comprehensive renewable, affordable, modular electric ship. In my travels, I have met many inspiring people, who encouraged my passion for inventing, and thus led to my developing alternative energy systems and concepts. I own and run a machine shop in the Pacific Northwest to build these projects.

I’m a fan of Nicola Tesla, and a innovator in the world of alternative energy, CO2 mitigation, travel reviews (for fun), a commercial pilot, a sailor, and an expert in Filemaker database development. My motto is never stop exploring, and always keep learning. The journey is the destination.

I am developing and designing a eco-electric-ship (multihull) which is fully sustainable for tourism, travel, or small commercial freight/trade, to travel the globe. The modular platform will be able to host a range of missions. Based on the book and community Gaviotas: A Village to Reinvent the World, I hope to evangelize solar technologies, and sustainable tourism, with zero environmental impact (actually will enhance the environment) around the world.

Safe Travels – Pepe G

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