Solar Generator – Ground Power Unit

Ground Power Unit for portable power solutions.

Cruising Review in cooperation with ElectricShip and Infinity Turbine are now developing a Ground Power Unit to supply mobile lithium based battery power which can power your RV, Marine, or home based operation. The base hand-cart unit will have two 12V 100Ah Battle Born lithium batteries (1,200 watt hours).  The commercial caster-beam cart unit will have six lithium batteries (6,000 watt hours). Either version will power a 12VDC/120VAC Dometic cooler, InstaPot Pressure Cooker, Induction cooktop, or other AC appliances.

May 20, 2020 Build Photo Updates: The unit is ready to be wired. Control panel installed.

May 12, 2020 Build Photo Updates: The unit is rapidly integrating into also becoming a YouTube portable studio creator station. Large cheesebar for mounting all your digital devices, LED light bar, mic boom, etc. 1/4 inch threaded hard-point attachment rail.


The goal of the Ground Power Unit is to provide a readily accessible, modular, ready-to-power solution for remote power.

Power is a basic necessity. This solution gives you plug-and-play peace of mind that you have power, when and where you need it. While solar and wind renewable energy can charge the lithium batteries, you also have the option for shore (grid) based charging. Connectivity is essential for knowing system diagnostics and energy flows. Components communicate with each other and with you on your smart phone (or computer) via Bluetooth.

The hand truck version GPU can be used in your garage at home, while camping, rolled into the RV, or even on your boat. It’s so portable you can use it at your jobsite. For larger applications consider our cart mounted 12-24 kW capacity system, which is mounted on heavy duty casters and fits through any standard door, hallway, or elevator. Use it to charge your Tesla.


PDF Download: 20200410-infinity-turbine-gpu-datasheet



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