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Boat Galley. Configuration and functionality.

Cooktop: Instead of gas, use an induction cooktop. It’s more energy efficient, faster to heat up, and cooler overall for the galley. Must use steel,cast iron, or other magnetic cookware.

Countertop: HDPE. Simple to shape, install, maintain and replace. If you want a textured and formatted countertop, consider using thin laminates with resin.

Sink: The sink makes great utilization for both wash-up, but also storage when a top (cutting board HDPE) is used. Have a hand crank or foot operated pump. Solar hot water tank mounted up top gives you gravity feed down to sink. Have a insinkerator installed for at least one sink.

Water: Use solar still as primary, then electric watermaker, and finally a countertop electric still.

Storage: Use vacuum sealed bags, within Tupperware or other similar sealed containers (stackable).

Induction: Consider a portable, or cooktop that is induction. It is the most efficient method of cooking.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven: Instead of propane, install a wood fired oven. This allows you to gather and use driftwood, wood pellet fuel, or other scavenged fuel.

Watermaker Options: Primary solar still, and solar hot water tank mounted up top.

Instant Pot: Pressure cooking is faster, more energy efficient, and cooler for the galley.

Microwave:  The microwave still (to this day) is one of the best ways to cook fast and efficient.

Mixer with Pasta Attachment: A mixer with attachments is one of the best galley tools.

Compact Efficient Oven: Buy or make your own oven.

Portable Refrigerator and Freezer: Dometic or similar.

Beer Maker: Consider a small portable distillery for your galley.

Portable Solar Cooler:  When not in use, heat up solar brick, sealed oil, or similar heat absorbent material which you can use later in your oven in the galley (i.e. at night). Consider mounting a permanent mount outside above in radar rack, and use with solar still, when not used for cooking.

Summary: The galley is one of the focal points of the boat. Make it fun, efficient, and easy to use. Develop a solid strategy for food procurement, growing, storage, preparation, and enjoyment. A more sustainable approach will allow you to cruise off-grid longer, and less dependent on port visits.


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